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SQtelCRM Ukrainian CRM for business

Cloud SaaS solution
OnLine CRM for remote work

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ЦРМ от SQ Телеком


SaaS is a CRM platform complemented with virtual PBX functions

  • It automates business processes, improves staff productivity.
  • It offers virtual PBX and adoption of a single multichannel number.
  • It brings together the company units, teleworkers, outsourcing teams to work on a project.
  • It makes internal and external communications easier by getting emails, calls, messages in one program.
  • It does not need its own hardware infrastructure and fully substitutes a stationary PBX in terms of its functions.
  • Easy to use. It integrates into internal business processes as if it has always been there.
  • There is a software API for integrating CRM with other services and applications.
  • It keeps user data safe using capacities of a commercial-scale data center that is secured against DDoS attacks, viruses, hacks.
Ukrainian, national CRM for business

OnLine SQtelCRM™ is a cloud SaaS platform that includes:

Telephony. Be always available! Routing, IVR, queuing, time tracking, call making and sending SMS/Viber messages directly from the customer card, call recording, free calls within the company and between its offices.

Staff. Your employees will give big points to its hassle-free operability and options. Very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, all business processes are automated to the max.

Customers. Contacts, transactions, meetings, payments, Email, SMS – the entire history of interactions with customers is well-organized.

Tasks. Deliver your promises and responsibilities towards your customer or work! Make your customers loyal and remembered at all times. You can create a task, delegate it to expert staff, track its progress.

Finance. You can issue invoices, generate reports of completion, maintain cash receipts records, do financial analysis and planning.

eMail service. All communications are stored in the customer history, automatic scheduled sending of emails will help reduce the resources for operational processes.

Analytics. You get extensive opportunities to manage and control working hours, revenues from the sale of services, staff workload, analysis, reports, schedules to plan and manage business.

Chat. Quick internal communication between employees, teams, units. Online discussions and interaction while doing routine work.

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Why SQtelCRM™ cloud is beneficial

  • Automate and structurize your business – reports, schedules, statistics on sales and completed transaction.
  • You get a flexible tool to plan, manage work time, forecast and analyze calls, track performance and workload of each employee.
  • Integral information space. Put all communication channels, such as telephony, email, messengers in a single window. This makes business-to-customer communication fast and easy, and allows to regularly review all interactions to leverage approaches.
  • Full customer interaction history is in one place.
  • Improved customer service and loyalty.
  • Accessible product from any location.
  • A new source of business opportunities to work in remote ways and otherwise expand, raise profits and cut costs.
  • Forget about purchasing server hardware.

SQtelCRM™ is safe, affordable, effective

Setting up and implementing CRM does not interrupt the company’s operations. Integrating SQtelCRM™, a cloud SaaS product, is seamless for employees.

When moving to a new location, you do not need to move equipment. With SQtelCRM™, you can run your business from anywhere as far as there is Internet access. A fully functional user interface may be loaded from any device.

24/7 CRM SaaS platform support. We guarantee safe, secured data and smooth operation of SQtelCRM™.